If you or someone you know has Medical Assistance or Medicaid coverage, you may need to renew your coverage to make sure you are still eligible. This is a process called Medicaid Redetermination. If you are no longer eligible, don’t worry — Independence Blue Cross (Independence) can help!

During the Public Health Emergency, the Families First Coronavirus Act of 2020 protected Medicaid recipients from being disenrolled from Medicaid, even if they were no longer eligible.

In May, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will start to redetermine eligibility for its Medicaid recipients. Some people may still be eligible to stay on their Medicaid plan, and others may lose their Medicaid coverage.

What Should Medicaid Recipients Do?

If you currently have a Medicaid plan, you will be receiving (or may have already received) a renewal letter in the mail. Be sure to follow the instructions in the letter and complete your renewal on time.

There are several ways you can complete your renewal:

If You Are Losing Coverage, We Can Help!

If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid, make sure you are covered for any unexpected medical costs. As a Keystone First parent company, Independence is the leading health insurer in Southeastern Pennsylvania. With Independence, you get:

  • The strongest provider network in the area, including most Keystone First doctors and hospitals
  • $0 preventive care for adults and children
  • $0* virtual care — request an appointment with a doctor, behavioral health counselor, or dermatologist 24/7
  • Money back for your healthy habits

See If You Qualify for $0 Health Insurance

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