the Law Office of Justin Frankel is pleased to announce the release of the updated e-book, “Filing a Disability Insurance Claim – Secrets the Disability Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know!” The latest edition provides readers with the critical information they need as they go through the process of determining if they are ready to file a claim, what pitfalls to be aware of before, during and after filing a disability claim, and when it’s time to contact a long term disability insurance lawyer.

Written by an experienced attorney Justin Frankel, “Filing a Disability Insurance Claim” provides case histories from the firm, which has represented clients in disability insurance matters for more than two decades.

Our clients come from all walks of life, and we have successfully represented people across the country. We wrote this book to give a wider audience the benefit of our experience fighting the long term disability insurance companies. In the past twenty years, we’ve seen every kind of tactic, and our determination to get our clients what they deserve has only gotten stronger over time.

“Filing a Disability Claim” was written for the layperson, with straightforward information in clear English. Readers won’t get lost in legal terminology or as is typical with insurance contracts, double-talk provisions that seem created for one reason: to confuse the claimant.

To request a copy of “Filing a Disability Claim” from the Law Office of Justin Frankel, to learn more about this area of law, or the firm, visit

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