Our client, a 67-year-old Clinical Program Senior Advisor for CIGNA, had been a healthy person for many years, enjoying success in her occupation, while thriving in all endeavors. She suffered from chronic migraines, a complex neurological genetic disease, resulting in a variety of cognitive and neurological symptoms including brain fog and chronic pain. However, after her condition had taken its toll upon her, she was forced to cease working.

Her job with CIGNA was extremely demanding and highly complex, handling all of the digital clinical design, development, and enhancement of strategic clinical programs. It also required long hours which was impacted by her limited stamina, endurance, and cognitive ability. She could no longer keep up with the requirements of her occupation. Her treating provider advised her to go out on disability and focus on her health. She applied for short-term disability through New York Life. Her disability insurance coverage was part of her employee benefits and governed by ERISA, a federal law.

Her claim was initially approved and then terminated shortly thereafter. New York Life misrepresented the sum and substance of her medical records and her daily debilitating symptoms.

She knew she needed help and strong representation and contacted the Law Office of Justin Frankel to represent her with a bulletproof ERISA appeal to reverse New York Life’s determination. The Law Office of Justin Frankel worked closely with her treating neurological specialist in developing strong support for her daily chronic migraines and unrelenting symptoms. We refuted New York Life’s medical staff’s inaccurate findings and misrepresentations.

Shortly after filing her appeal, her claim was reinstated and her long-term disability claim was approved on the basis of the same information submitted with her appeal.

Anyone who lives with chronic migraines knows how debilitating this condition is. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to be dismissive of claimants seeking short-term and long-term disability benefits for migraines. Let the Law Office of Justin Frankel fight for you and your rightfully due benefits.

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